ROW80 Sunday Check-in 1.24.2016

Recap: I’ve been doing much more than the below routine so I look forward to fulfilling it this week. Many thanks to the hosts of #ROW80 for giving me a place to outline my blog routine.

#ROW80 weekly blog routine. (What I aspire to do)

  1. Write a Daily Post blog prompt every day.
  2. Write 3 movie reviews a week.
  3. Every evening, write an online diary entry.
  4. Read and comment on other people’s work, ideally 3 comments before writing a post.
  5. Continue to work in different post formats and include their tumblr style icons. ie; this one is an “aside” hence the “Aa” icon up top.

Damien’s Sunday Update – Row80 6/21/2015

ROW80I’m sticking with Row80 for now, it’s pretty challenging but I think I’m up to it. To find out about it, click the graphic. I was very successful in achieving my goals from last time. I did erase some of them that seemed like a waste of time so they were pretty simple after that. These are my current measurable goals, a bit more complicated but I find them quite exciting. Perhaps someone will get something from them. Otherwise, they’re personal goals and guidelines or me starting into this Summer.

My goals are set in the direction of networking with more bloggers, growing as a writer, and making a few cents on Adsense or through advertising.