Mean Creek (2004)

A look at human nature in young adults and the often volatile nature of innocence. Oh, and Josh Peck stars in it.

Some movies remind me of the dark place that exists in us. Either that or the dangerous claws of innocence that rip our precious loves to ribbons. This one’s like that.

Billy Joel said a woman will “carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding” but it’s not just a woman, men and women alike kill, cover it up, even live with it all their lives sometimes. When we see it in film, we cringe but the prisons and homes of America are probably full of killers we never find out about. Ultimately it’s the choices we make to act or react to anger in vengeance and so forth. Characters who react well, sometimes end up well. Sometimes those who don’t, end up well also. It’s messed up right? Well that’s life and you’re in it. This movie reminds you of that.

A bully, his friend, a young girl, his accomplices. They all have choices to make. I like this film because it deals with perception and perspective. When seen through the bullies eyes, we see him a victim. When seen through the young girl’s eyes, the victims are chosen based on convention and maybe, just plain old good raising? I can’t say here and now. What do you think of this film? This is one you have to take a stand on. Bullying is exploding across our world. How you teach your kids to respond to it is crucial. This film may help open that conversation. It’s an excellent film but I would have liked to have seen a little more character development of all the kids. Maybe that’s just because I like to get inside characters in films with heavy concepts like bullying. I still recommend it highly as is.

This is a very dark film and I think real life is dark so it’s realistic. If you’ve seen it, what do you think of it? The question lays before you, inescapably. If you haven’t seen it, take some time and watch this small town simple film that just might blow your mind about innocence, bullying, and where the two shall meet.