Stream of Consciousness Lobster

I went out today and I bumped into this dishy redhead Canadian in deepest, darkest Newtown. I brought her home for 11.99 NZD! The local blue cod was $1600. My best fishing day in quite a while.

“The Lobster” is the title of a movie where it seems the characters have a month in a posh hotel (this is the future mind you) looking for a mate. This is NOT a review of the movie, nor a synopsis. If they find a mate in the movie, their stay continues with double occupancy and if they fail, they remain single and are turned into an animal of their choosing.

I reiterate, I do nor understand this movie but I will when it’s done and then I will write about it in my #moviereviews category. It looks red hot as most lobsters do so please stay tuned to hear a real synopsis one I finish it in about an hour. It is a comedy methinks.

I once read a book about psychology that described some defensive traits as like lobster claws: the soft fleshiness is on the inside while the world only sees a hard exoskeleton. Who would want to shake hands with a lobster? I’d be getting some before letting then turn me into a lobster.

This is in response to the weekly wrting prompt: #SoCS Jan. 9/16

Pause/Paws #SoCS Prompt 1-2-2016

I would much rather have a cat give me pause than have a lion give me claws. Some cats in houses in the world run away from me. Other ones purr and press up against my ankle. Cats are actually proven stress relievers. I read a book about stress in college and it said one of the best things you can do for stress is pet a cat.

So, I guess it’s a good thing that we have a cat in our house. We have NOT declawed her. It’s usually not an issue we notice unless my 8 year old is trying to hold her down. She loves that cat too much. You didn’t see it and you can’t read it but I just took a 2 minute pause to think how to make this thing longer then decided against it. Happy #SoCS out there and a special thank you to Linda Hill for hosting it!

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The Frozen Man

James Taylor has a song he wrote and recorded in the 1990’s. It’s called, “The Frozen Man.” It’s the story of a fictional “William James McFee” who falls from a merchant ship in 1843 along with his brothers. The brothers “and the others” are lost at sea but (McFee) alone has returned “to tell thee. Hidden in ice for a century, to walk the world again.” The lyrics are ingenious and I still have the song in heavy rotation.

I must have played it a million times in my car. It really makes me think. He is caught up in wondering what he has missed since he was frozen and subsequently thawed. It is a bit macabre for small children I suppose maybe but I think it would make an amazing children’s book, maybe ages 8-12? If you have time, and you haven’t heard it, I recommend you give it a listen. Taylor shares a clever, humorous quip about writing it at the beginning. Maybe the things we miss don’t matter or maybe catching up is crucial to learn if we want to make it. In this age of flash technological culture shock, I think we can all relate with the Frozen Man.

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Long Live the Strange

It is approporiate to be writing about the word strange on Halloween day. It is the night when everyone’s crazies come out, and it’s okay! REM strangely come to mind.

This post is in response to #SoCS Write a stream of consciousness post using the words strange/stranger/strangest.

The first thing I thought of when I heard the word “strange” was REM’s song of the same title. It’s one of those songs in the middle of an album that people usually haven’t heard much unless they’re serious fans. That was me. I’d go to sleep with my REM music every night most of my adolescence and into early adulthood. They spoke to me. I used to hear their music and imagine a college campus on a foggy day. The entire album “Murmur” did that for me. “Strange” came later on the album “Document.” That one had “The One I Love” on it and I bet everyone who listened to radio in the 80’s recalls “It’s the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine.” I actually have the words to that memorized. But strange was different. It’s a straight ahead rock and roll song with very simple lyrics anyone can sing along to.

There’s something strange going on tonight
There’s something going on that’s not quite right
Michael’s nervous and the lights are bright
There’s something going on that’s not quite right uh huh

I’m not sure exactly why I was drawn to REM so strongly. They are strange in many way. Then again, they’re good old boys. Maybe REM fans are good old boys looking for something strange? It was all far off and indiscernible then. Albums later we learned Michael Stipe indentifies as “Queer.” Does that mean strange? I think it means bisexual but also cross dresser? He lost me there but I still love REM music. I din’t hold anything against gays or bisexuals or crossdressers. As Michael termed himself: I hold nothing against queers. Music is music whoever you are. I am glad he liberated some people who may have been suffering in silence. Good for Michael. Long live the strange. Happy Halloween.


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Posting the 3rd line of the last song I listened to, “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes: “Your words cut deeper than a knife.” Words can cut so deeply. I have seen this to be true in personal relationships as well as on the job as a 4th grade teacher. I have become so quick to admit wen I was wrong about my words. Sometimes, even when I disagree that a word was hurtful, I still apologize. I had a parent once who came to see me because she was concerned I said to her daughter, “Don’t be a dingaling.” The mom was concerned that was a word she didn’t like me calling her daughter. She was very nice about it but still stood her ground. I apologized and asked her if she had a silly replacement word to suggest. She said, “I guess turkey would be better.” I’ve been working on calling kids turkey ever since. Of course, the trick is the context and the love you use it with.

Words are our responsibility. I think the biggest mistake we can make as people is to assume everyone around us is overly sensitive. The way people feel is their business and we should respect it. Words can ring in people’s souls years after they have been said. Do you really want to be responsible for that? We can truly make an effort to watch our words. Can’t we? At the same time, we should be careful to not be too sensitive about how words affect us. As a kid I was tiny. People called me names like “super shrimp.” I wish I would have never been bothered by that. In conclusion, don’t let words bother you and do your best to say only words like turkey. Now that’s uplifting!

Hear Say

This stream of consciousness post is inspired by the writing prompt below for SOCS as well as the movie I am watching as I type these thoughts: Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-ay.” Find a word ending in “ay” and use it as the theme/subject of your post. Play with it, I say!

damien_riley_gene_hackman_the_conversationGene Hackman’s character in this film works for a company that listens to people. It opens with scenes of a throw mic from a high rise, pointed at a park where many people are talking, bands are playing, mimes are acting, etc. I’m shifting my train of thought now because my wife is telling me about her coffee. I wish I could say I have a three track mind but it maxes out at two. Wire tappers can hear what you say and that’s what Hackman’s character in this film can do. It’s 1974 and the throws and tapes are antiquated but it’s very cool the way Coppola shows what they can do. I told my family it’s probable they can listen in on us from space now. Consider Google Earth as a form of eavesdropping. The irony is, it’s actually socially acceptable wiretapping, to an extent right?

Hackman’s character has learned that his boss wants to kill the couple he has been paid to spy on He’s being careful to protect the people he’s spying on. Harrison Ford is in this movie, that’s so cool. I guess he was in Star Wars just 3 years later. It’s weird how Hackman, one of my all time favorite actors, says he’s 44 in the film. That’s two years younger than me but I swear he looks to be in his fifties. My wife says they had a different look back then. He’s got that pipe smoker skin. I digress. Is it possible t digress when your writing stream of consciousness? I love the look of the reel to reels and phones in this movie. Terri Garr is in this as well as a handful of people I recognize but they look a hell of a lot younger in this movie. As I wrap, think of what I am doing: watching what they do, hearing what they say. As I am an avid movie watcher. you might call me an eavesdropper, a voyeur. Then again, the actors were paid to put on a show for me. Maybe I’m more like a guy going to the cabaret?

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Flues Blues

Gotta fly, gotta fly. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is always saying that in one way or another? Thoughts like these just fly through my mind.

This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “fly/flies/flew/flu/flue.”  Choose one, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!

How will we ever decrease our stress numbers when we’re never able to stop for a while and smell the roses? What are we rushing for anyway? To achieve our dreams? What good is achieving our dreams if we have never learned how to stop and enjoy the moment. Being should be the primary goal for any dreamer.

Around my house lately, there has been another nuisance preventing us from peace: flies. I’m not sure where they are coming from but I think the neighbors hand their garbage out too much so the flies have sort of settled into their circle of life. I enjoy using the swatter but it seems there is always that one who eludes me. I can think of all sorts of metaphors about fles but I’ll spare you for now. This is a challenge and I intend to fly through it! Today I’m going to see Wilie Nelson at the Greek theater. I loved his tunes as a kid. My how time flies that I am going to see him with my wife of nearly 13 years. She liked him growing up as well.

Damien Riley Pink FloydYesterday the clouds of smoke flew by my house in the Pines Fire, also called the Baldy Mesa fire. When it started I figured they’d get it under control fast but a day later, it is still not contained. People on the news were coughing from the fire, it was the same as having the flu: completely undesirable. Some days your the windshield, some fays you’re the bug. Let’s hope that fire gets put out quickly and those displaced people can get back to their homes or to rebuilding. Up here in the High Desert, there aren’t any flues like in LA putting out noxious fumes. For us, the wildfires are the biggest enemy.