The Beach Bum, 2019 – ★★★


This is a “what did I just see?” film for sure. Don’t think you’re getting another “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” This ‘aint yo momma’s rom com! Some people will rebel against this film and hate the drug use, sex, an debauchery. Others will laugh and enjoy it, recalling the beach bums we have known and loved in our lives. This film is anything but standard. Go in expecting a stoner’s paradise and you won’t be disappointed.

Harmony Korine is a true artist not enslaved to convention and fads. He wrote the screenplay for “Kids” and directed and wrote “Gummo.” I’ll be looking out for his projects, definitely a dude from my generation and after my heart. Because I thought this film could have had a better storyline, it loses a few points. Beware. Otherwise, it’s nearing excellence folks.

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