The Collector (2009)

A thriller with multiple levels of bad guys

The writer of “Saw IV” and V directed this one and it is similarly a work of greatness. It doesn’t have a the budget or acting power of a Saw sequel but it evens out to be an amazing home invasion thriller/horror. I highly enjoyed it.

You get to see the morality of a person tested, in a way like “Saw.” Any artist who works on such a powerful franchise as “Saw” is bound to carry over some stuff. Don’t go into it expecting that because it’s very different but the quality of film-making is on par with that and the horror conventions the collector has assembled in this home invasion film beg a comparison.

I recommend this film most for the thriller aspect, though the horror is right there all the way through. I enjoy watching good vs. evil on screen, especially when the writer/director teases the audience with who is the most moral and does it ever change in the movie. With better acting and more of a high tech look, I’d have given this thriller a 10/10. It is still an awesome film that I recommend.


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