The Departed (2007)

The Departed (2007)

We have a gangster vs cops film here that really takes you to another place. That’s something I really value in a movie. Scorcese is a master at that. He also knows how to make films about men trying to become their inner vision of themselves be that tough cops or wayward gangsters. The story is inspired by Infernal Affairs (2002) by Alan Mak and Andrew Lau, one of the most successful Hong Kong films to date.

I’m writing on this one for the blogathon because it is set in Boston rather than, say, New York or Vegas, like other gangster films. The scenery and cinematography is fantastic and effortless. It begins with a soda fountain scene that could have been clipped and pasted from in “GoodFellas.” Two men start the film: One becomes the cop undercover as gangster, the other becomes the gangster undercover as cop.

This is one of Matt Damon’s best. One thing we learn is that no one is to be trusted. The question is not whether the law is flawed. Instead, we question “Who will/would testify against the evils?” Furthermore, who really is evil? It might be true it presents a system, a world where it can be sinister and still moral as long as it doesn’t appear sinister. A rule of thumb for those in public office?

Scorcese is a maestro of film making. He takes ordinary people and visits extraordinary pain and struggle upon them. These men, however have a romantic vision of themselves and we see them work toward that self-image in most every film he’s done. The acting here is incredible, if you’ve seen the film you probably agree I’m right. I highly recommend The Departed. Please leave me a comment about your impressions of this Boston based film.


By Damien Riley

By Damien Riley

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