The Frozen Man

James Taylor has a song he wrote and recorded in the 1990’s. It’s called, “The Frozen Man.” It’s the story of a fictional “William James McFee” who falls from a merchant ship in 1843 along with his brothers. The brothers “and the others” are lost at sea but (McFee) alone has returned “to tell thee. Hidden in ice for a century, to walk the world again.” The lyrics are ingenious and I still have the song in heavy rotation.

I must have played it a million times in my car. It really makes me think. He is caught up in wondering what he has missed since he was frozen and subsequently thawed. It is a bit macabre for small children I suppose maybe but I think it would make an amazing children’s book, maybe ages 8-12? If you have time, and you haven’t heard it, I recommend you give it a listen. Taylor shares a clever, humorous quip about writing it at the beginning. Maybe the things we miss don’t matter or maybe catching up is crucial to learn if we want to make it. In this age of flash technological culture shock, I think we can all relate with the Frozen Man.

Life story prompt at Daily Post.

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