The Hateful Eight

Spaghetti westerns and blood soaked pulp violence films, yeah! Bring ’em on. Quentin has put these together for us for many a year and many people thank him for it with their admission dollars. But is this particular film one of his best yet? Let’s take a look.



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One new thing is the bonkingĀ a woman on her head until blood runs down her toothless face. Are we meant to enjoy this? I think so. It’s pretty funny but not a laugh a minute.

The premise of the film is bounty hunters and thieves traveling across frozen terrain to cross paths in a warm cabin. In there is where all hell breaks loose and the shit starts to hit the fan.

I’ve seen worse gore and violence in a Tarantino film. It doesn’t knock you over the head that way. For me, this one was more dark comedy than anything else. It moves around a bit in time which makes it interesting. You’ll get mostly what you get in his other films. In fact, there isn’t much here we haven’t seen before, in spades.

I think the hallmark of a great film is one that draws influence from previous ideas but integratesĀ them into a new idea. The “new” of it is missing in this film for me.

As a final thought: I’m a die-hard fan of Tarantino’s work but this one only gave me a few moments by the fire only to leave me cold.

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