The Intouchables 9/10

This French film spawned the current Hollywood film “The Upside.” They’re a lot alike but I’m glad I saw the original first, it is probably much better, based on the trailer of the new one.


In this one, a street savvy ex-con is hired to take care of a highly wealthy quadriplegic. There is a lot of humor that comes from the contrasting cultures and responses to various situations. I like the way the humor is downplayed though, it’s not constant and not in your face. Both men learn from each other and gain strength from their friendship.

It will be interesting to see how “The Upside” interprets this true story. My guess is that Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston will overact this story and ruin it. There is a lot of serious material in this film and I just can’t see it coming across effectively based on the new trailer.

As for this original film, it is delightful and highly enjoyable. There are a few times the image of the lower class gets a little campy but other than those few times it’s a nearly perfect film. 9/10

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