The Invisible Man, 1933 – ★★★★★


This is considered by many to be the best classic horror film ever made. Of course, there are dissenting views. I watched it in prep for the new Elizabeth Moss “BlumHouse” film I am about to see today and I wasn’t disappointed.

I can see lots of tricks you could do with this concept. Even this 1933 version has a lot of fun with simple green screens, head bandages and goggles. Of course it’s limited effects but their practicality shines through as refreshing in 2020. The Invisible Man is an evil bastard. I am looking forward to the reimagined version today at 1:30p My plan is to do a podcast on the two films so check back in a day or so. As for Claude Rains in this old version: epic film, loved it tons. Highly recommended but it’s not currently streaming free anywhere. I rented it for 48 hours on Prime for $3.99, WORTH IT!

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