The Nice Guys

When you watch comedy duos, the question arises at times of which is the most pathetic. In this film, we do have a sort of comedy duo, although the comedy is far between confused scenes that don’t seem to know what they are.



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I’d recommend the comedy in this film. The other stuff, like plot, characterization, and suspense are quite wanting. The two actors have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t and when they stick to the comedy, it definitely works with me. There is a story though I had a hard time really getting what it was. There is some nudity, since part of the plot involves a naked magazine publisher. So, with the strongest parts being nudity and comedy, you may find the demographic that enjoys the film.

I don’t think it’s possible to see these two in a film and be bored. They are amazing actors who have built a following on solid performances. They command the screen. The ridiculous situations and irony all over the place kept me laughing and entertained. I would have liked to see the film dispense with the mystery plot and simply focus on the comedy of these two. There were times it reminded me of Laurel and Hardy. Nonetheless, the film works in the genre I have said and it wasn’t a complete let down. I recommend it as a mostly engaging comedy for fans of Crowe and Gosling as well as fans of the genre.

Oh, and one more thing this movie has going for it is a very credible presentation of 70’s appearance and nostalgia. From the cars to the wardrobe, a lot of work went successfully into that. It’s a lot of fun.

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