The Piped-In Tumblelog

24321868036_533ae3e35a-1764509I’ve gone back into full tumblelog mode. This means I am posting on purpose in several different formats. My favorites are: image, status, aside, audio, video, and quote. Furthermore, I have learned ways to write to my blog from other services and pipe them in.

Several years ago when I discovered a raw looking tumblr, I thought I’d died and gone to blogging heaven. I’ve been up and down about the style but right now I think I’ll stick with it indefinitely. This new theme is a godsend, “Writr” by

When I select the post format within the editor, it generates a template icon that corresponds. That’s also what one clicks to select the permalink.

Tomorrow is hump day, that’s pretty amazing. Tomorrow have a little work to do and of course some teaching to do but I can already see the end of the week in sight. Please watch for these tumblelog style posts. They are being created at several sources and with a few great tools: tumblr, flickr, email, soundcloud, and WordPress.

It’s cool because I feel like I can do posts more “on the fly” now taking pictures, recording audio, and posting standard posts from my iphone and PC. Hopefully I can get some bloggin time in at Starbucks this weekend. That is the best workspace. My mind seems to open wide there at their tables.

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