The Riley Rope

When laziness births innovation, we all benefit!

November 2015 NaBloPoMo writing prompt #16 ‘What product would you invent and market?’

Since I was a kid I have thought about a thick rope attachable to the family room ceiling one could use to grasp and pull ones self up from a laying or seated position on the floor. If you’ve ever been ready for bed but just can’t get the motivation, the “Riley Rope” will help you pull yourself up right away.

It would be marketed on tv infomercials, Shark Tank, QVC, Air Mall, etc. I’d devote a lot of resources to getting the word out. I imagined you could drill it straight into a beam or you could install a track structure and a wheel system allowing the user to position it manually depending on where she/he is laying on the carpet. Of course you may find flaws but they will seem insignificant when I am using it to get up to go to the bank 😉 (just kidding).

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