The Strangers

While the first 44 minutes could have been spent on better things like developing a rationale for a twist, character development of the intruders, or pretty much anything other than nothing, from the 45 minute point onward, this is a great intruder horror film.



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Since Scott Speedman for me usually signals a throwaway film, I should have listened to my instincts. Having said that, I did enjoy the middle to end of this film and especially the clever end. I’m not surprised they are making a sequel out of it because Hollywood does that with every decent film nowadays.

As for this one, it is a pretty good intruder film. I was reminded of more recent films such as Hush and You’re Next. Both films used masks to their advantage. The problem here is there is far too much time that nothing is happening. I will say bravo to the masks, the masks were scary.

The thing about masks though is that they are so easy to implement and they have a limited effect. When I watch them I can easily imagine the expressions on the face underneath. I think movie watchers in general cannot or do not bother to try which makes the masks ultra scary. To a filmmaker, it’s a budget prop. The story didn’t have much explanation to it. At the end you see a little of a cultic hint but not really. I suppose they are like a Manson family thing but we never hear why and we get virtually to characterization of these people. An opposite example is You’re Next where we learn everything nd that movie is about as scary as this one if not more so.

There are some holes here as I have mentioned but all in all I would recommend this to horror fans. Feel free to get a sandwich in the first half though.

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