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Source: #WeekendCoffeeShare: 2/6/16 – Part Time Monster

You: How are you doing?
Me: Feeling good and relaxed, which is important to me on a Sunday because tomorrow a measure of stress and challenge always appears weekly without question. I need my wit and candor to teach kids and thrive as a teacher.

You: Anything particular?
Me: Yes and no. Every week requires change and shifting paradigms, especially this year. You have to stay flexible. I once heard an analogy of tall trees that never blew down in high winds and short one that did. It was because the tall ones could bend and be flexible. Grade level standards have changed a lot in a few years and all teachers are scrambling to provide an education to our kids while respecting those and showing improvement for our school’s API with the state.

You: Oh I see, so normal teacher stuff.
Me: Yep, ‘aint it fun? That high stakes test is in 2-3 months so we don’t have much longer to prepare our little guys for this thing. It’s a big deal, the scores are given to the newspapers etc.

You: How’s your blogging going, I notice you’ve made a few changes lately, nice!
Me: Yeah, I am always sweeping up here and there, clipping and pasting code to make this thing fly better. I had 2,000 unique visitors last week so it must be working.

You: Tell me what you did to your blog, the changes you made I mean.
Me: Well, here’s a list. I’ll try and limit it to the stuff that might help others out. For example, “changing my background slivers to orange” is just my mercurial thing this week:

  1. Changed my tagline/site description to make it shorter, which is always better sharing-wise.
  2. Learned how to do “pullquotes” with my theme. These are amazing. Here’s a sample of how I used them last week. Notice how the photo and quotes are “pulled” out of the margins. This has been a very exciting discovery for me. It doesn’t lend itself well to an interview format post though.
  3. Changed layouts on my theme to include the “Showcase” template and built the slider for featured posts. Also added code to make it auto advance.
  4. Wrote three movie reviews and posted them.
  5. Did my various writing challenges and writing prompts that I do through the week.
  6. Went around at least once a day and commented on some of the blogs I follow. I’m still getting to know some of the good people that do the #weekendcoffeeshare
  7. Repurposed a few “best ofs” from 7-8 years ago and polished them up as current posts. (I highly recommend this if you have amazing posts that are sitting way back in your archives).
  8. Made a goal in Google Analytics.
  9. Made sure to take pictures every day as much as possible so I’d have some for posts.

You: You’ve been busy.
Me: Yeah, my wife wishes I was busier around the house so maybe it’s time to let the river run its course next week πŸ˜‰

You: I get that.
I’m gonna get a refill and head out, thanks for the coffee! Good luck with all YOUR blog endeavors.
You: (write your response in the comments).

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