Three Minutes on Home

My work and teaching area is a place I have grown to feel at home. My car is a refuge for me. It's a yellow Hyundai Veloster and I am so damn glad I make the payment each month. It is seriously like a stress destroyer. Of course there are many objects and places that chill me out and make me feel like myself but none so much as my home. It is my inpenetrable fortress, my James Bond hidden refuge where I refuel, regroup, and recreate. In the past two weeks, it's been maxed in the mellow escape zone because I've had firewood. I've been making warm fires and watching tv with my kids.

We usually like to go out for dinner but lately, my wife or myself has been making dinner in. It's an adoreable scene the 5 of us I tell you. It's a good think my home is a mental escape. Some days Iget so overloaded with input I come in grinding my teeth and nursing a headache. I try to stay calm and together but sometimes, my most ardent efforts to stay relaxed fail. This is when the man's castle is his most prized possession. In this place I am writing in now I gather myself and mediatate to avoid insomnia. I see things for how they are in my point of view. My wife of course figures into my life perspective quite substantially. Many times, her advice has saved me from ruin. That's three minutes.

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