Ticket Ripping on a Thu Night

image3-8116157I told someone recently that I could live at the movies. I heard myself and quickly made some sort of awkward caveat. I must admit however that the statement is true, I absolutely love the movies. At dinner, my 8 year old reminded us all that “Zootopia” was in theaters. My wife wanted some quiet time to finish her work so she suggested I take both my girls. After about 4 seconds, I thankfully accepted.

So, in about 20 minutes here at the high desert, California, Victorville mall theaters, we are going to check this thing out! Have you seen the sloth in the trailer? I’ve been acting it out to the point of absurdity with my girls.

I’m using Rotten Tomatoes ratings less and less before I see movies. Still, I was quite amazed to see it had 100% with critics. Wow.

Tomorrow is Friday, my weekend is here! One day I’ll get a new pastime but for tonight I’m hooked. I should have my review posted here before too late tomorrow. Now, off we go to get our tickets ripped. 😉 How do you like movies?

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