In a world where dumb series often get renewed, a smart one didn’t.

With the recent release of Mark Duplass’ Creep 2 which I heard will be released soon on Netflix as I’m writing this, I’m sending out my review of this great tv series he made with his brother. Togetherness is a must see.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching two series of this show, I find myself quite invested and almost sad it was not renewed for a third season. The Duplass brothers really created a touching world here that takes us into the lives of its characters.

In a marriage, things can get stale and it’s up to the 2 spouses to breathe life back into it. It can be challenging. That’s the position we see Mark Duplass’ character go through with his wife. Both actors play these topics incredibly well. They are believable and I almost felt as if I was there with them playing Mark’s role, trying to get the sparks back into my marriage and failing.

There is a lot of ridiculous stuff here that’s wonderful as well. A puppet show based on ‘Dune’ is one example. The Duplass brothers have a way of making childlike fun out of real world serious situations.

Amanda Peet is at an all time career high here. I would have loved to see more episodes from her character alone. All the characters left me deeply invested and hers was equally so. I’ve seen her in several films and I think this was her best character yet.

I recommend this for anyone with small kids or just getting into a relationship. Apart from that, you may or may not like it. As for me? I’m almost sad it’s been cancelled but I sure enjoyed the 2 seasons they managed to produce.

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