Train to Busan

It honestly surprises me that after so many zombie movies have come down the pike we could still love another but that’s what audiences are doing and this reviewer right along with them.


Train to Busan

Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jeong

Directed by

Sang-ho Yeon

Written by

Sang-ho Yeon

Other Info

Action, Horror, Thriller
Rated PG-13
1h 58min

There are a lot of twists in the story. The director also wrote the movie. It has a take-your-breath-away ending you may or may not expect. Predictions varied in my family. By the way, I watched it with my 9-year-old and she couldn’t leave the room she was glued to the film. This film will appeal to horror and suspense films more than anyone. At the same time, I see a universal appeal in this film. I must warn you, it does have subtitles but they are easy to follow. Moreover, there are long stretches of time where there is no dialog at all. It tells the story through the images.


There are at least a couple more side-stories that make the movie and its characters endearing. You do care about these characters, they are not flat lifeless victims in a horror film. I would recommend this film for older children: 10 and up but parents should use their best judgement.

Like I shared, my 9-year-old loved it but she was clinging to me the whole movie which made it easy for me to explain things. For fans of the genre I highly recommend this film.

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