Trance, 2013 – ★★★★ (contains spoilers)


This review may contain spoilers.

Trip out on this one. I really liked it for many reasons but in the end, it was far too complicated for what it needed to be. I know most liked Inception, but I didn’t for the same reason: it was just too out there. I like stuff that I can grasp. This is above my pay grade.

I did like it though because it didn’t need to make sense. Once I gave up trying to read Wikipedia and figure it out, I was able to cruise through it and it was highly enjoyable. It’s the story of a heist gone bad. McAvoy loses his memory and can’t recall where one of the paintings is. He goes to a hypnotist to refresh his memory. Rosario Dawson is sexy as hell in this. There are a few full frontal sequences. That brings me to my main point (?) it was a highly visual treat. I do recommend it.

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