Turbo Kid

turbo-kid-poster-7243969Title: Turbo Kid
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Year: 2015
Directors: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell, all basically unknown first time major motion picture directors.
Top Billed Cast: Munro Chambers, known for “Godsend,” Laurence Leboeuf, “Trauma,” Michael Ironside, “Robocop”
Brief Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, a teenager is faced with the challenge of saving his friends from an evil villain.

My Word to the Wise: This quasi superhero movie borrows from 1980’s action films like “the Terminator,” “Mad Max,” and “RoboCop.” There’s blood, romance, revenge and really cheesy synth music. This took me back to when I was watching these films in the 80’s as a teen myself. This is a whole lot of fun and very camp. There are three directors which is cool. It reminds me of three friends who used to love these movies and now are working together to achieve a similar product.

Bring your sense of humor and be ready for the ride of your life. If this were a broadway musical, there’d have to be a “splash zone” for the kills. Very unique for 2016, not so for 1983. It’s a pleasant trip back to the days where they made entertaining movies with what was lying around. I highly recommend this one.

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