Tusk 2

It’s actually titled Yoga Hosers but this film by Kevin Smith is film 2 in a trilogy of which the largely misunderstood ingenious horror film Tusk is the first. Apart from some offhand references in the beginning stating the girls helped save the walrus guy, you won’t sense much Tusken darkness at all, that’s too bad. I am a huge fan of the oddity film and this one could have used a lot more of its horror. It’s not all bad though.



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The story goes like this: two teens work in a mart. Two guys try to kill them for Satan. The girls kill the boys in self-defense. Little men made out of sausage that are programmed to kill travel through the dead boys.

Next there is a Hitler type fellow that captures them along with a character played by Johnny Depp. Incidentally, the girls are played by Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters.


There are some funny jokes here and there but most of all, this is a dull experience. If you loved Tusk and you love Kevin Smith films, I think you’ll find this entertaining. Other fans of this may be people 15 and younger. All others should probably steer clear. I can only recommend it for the Kevin Smith die-hards. I don’t smoke dope but I imagine a bit of that would help make sense of this film. What was he thinking? I think the answer to that is: nothing. I think Smith has given up pandering to making decent films. He’s just making the fun films he wants to make and I think that’s pretty cool for him!

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