Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Here’s one on Netflix to watch! Rachel Bloom stands out in this hilarious and musical series about a young woman who can’t let go of a crush and move on.

Mostly I was struck by the deadpan comedy of this show. Watching Rachel Bloom play this goofy, cute character with such total investment is a laugh a minute. Before too long, I could see it was a periodic musical. I usually don’t like those unless they have amazing tunes. The tunes here are good but the humor is what holds it all together and makes it a behemoth.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Santino Fontana

Directed by

Steven K. Tsuchida, Alex Hardcastle, Joanna Kerns (multiple more directors)

Created by

Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna

Other Info

Comedy, Musical
31 episodes ( As of time of writing this) – 41 min

I always run to my blog when I find a great new show to binge watch. Today it’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend streaming on Netflix. This is not a spoilers review but rather a preview. Rachel Bloom is tons of fun to watch for both myself and my wife so I know she’ll appeal to may viewers. Her self-deprecating humor makes the show entertaining but the music and sketch sets make it a wondrous journey to and from the insanity of love.

In the series, Rebecca Bunch leaves her posh, successful law practice to follow a high school crush (Josh played by Vincent Rodriguez III) to West Covina California where she takes a lesser paying job. She is okay with his because her over-reaching goal is to win the heart of Josh! Meanwhile, she develops a platonic relationship with Josh’s best friend Greg, played by Santino Fontana.

I am sure as the episodes play out we will see a love triangle between Greg, Josh, and Rebecca. She’ll be back and forth a hundred times between the two. This is predictable but always fun when there’s good solid comedy and music in the mix! And not just music, but self-effacing music the lead girls sings and dances to. It’s a riot, Rachel Bloom is a delight and highly entertaining. At time of writing this, the first season is streaming on Netflix. My wife and I are looking forward to binge watching the rest of the first season and then checking out the show as new episodes unfold.

By Damien Riley

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