Weekend Coffee Share 1.23.2016

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about how the last week of teaching was both rewarding and challenging. One of my lowest math students had learned all his times tables and he showed it to me. It was awesome, I am so proud of him. Another student continues to push my buttons and I have to keep a large patient spirit toward him. He’s one of those I just think to myself “Make it to June.” The sleeping in this morning helped a lot and plan to spend some time coming up with interventions for this child. Getting rest can help so much when one is discouraged.

I’d also brag about how much my wife and I did today. We were DIY maniacs. We worked on 1. The mailbox, 2. the garbage disposal, 3. the sink fixtures, and 3. the refrigerator. I am so proud of our accomplishments today. There is still a bit to do but major progress was made and we didn’t have t break the bank calling repair men. I’m thankful for Sunday tomorrow to really relax, work on that rti stuff for work, wrote my lesson plans, and just basically let my cells relax for a new week starting Monday.

My blog is making me very happy these days. I’ve made it a sort of tumblr/wordpress hybrid. I have 10 icons for different post types. If you know tumblr, you know what this can look like. I have to style them by hand, placing the icon at the top of each post but somehow, I find that exciting. It reminds me of the old old early days of blogging when we had to do things like that through homepage services like Geocities. Icons are below:


Meet me next weekend for coffee!

By Damien Riley

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A good week for you. One student getting it right. When I saw Windows 10 the first time it reminded me of the early internet and all we had to do. Some of the best features are in Windows 10. I allways few good when I finished a lot of small projects. The way to go!

How awesome that you were able to mark so many DIY tasks off your list! It really does feel amazing, doesn’t it?!

I’m a Newbie in the Blog World (I’ve only been here since 2011), so I love your icons because I had no idea! So fun that you’ve created them 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

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