Weekend Coffee Share 4.3.2016

If we were having coffee the conversation would probably go like this:

Me: Ok so it’s weird shifting from social blogging prompts to my column to movie reviews to this, sometimes. I have a lot going on. I’ve found that writing these coffee diary entries helps me sort out what’s been going on in my week and plan better for the one ahead, so here goes.
You: Well, what did you do today for starters?
Me: This morning I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting ever. I need to lose some weight, and it’s all in my belly. Seriously, I am a stick figure with a pot belly. This is the least healthy body types of all. Others include a pear shape and an apple …
You: What made you go to that particular method?
Me: I don’t have a ton to lose but I really want to get as healthy as possible. Being 46 now I value that much more than in past years. It was a supportive environment. The best part about it for me is the routine I get to have with my wife. We’ve already started walking after work. We have different diet goals but both of us are good at staying faithful and showing up for things. It should be fun.
You: Your wife sounds great. So, I notice you are posting a lot more movie reviews lately. How’s that going?
Me: I’ve had the wondrous opportunity to see a lot of movies, most of them horror lately. I’ll get back to other genres soon I think. You’ll find my reviews in the Movie Review category up in the horizontal menu of my blog. I’ve also been writing my column steadily but lately it’s become political.
You: Oh yes, the election.
Me: I’m voting for Hillary Clinton and I’m finding out a lot of people on my Facebook can’t stand her. They are quite vocal about it too. Still, I keep sharing posts from her timeline. They are great, really well made.
You: How’s teaching going?
Me: State tests are coming up for my 4th grade students. I wish they weren’t so hard. Still, I make mo excuses. I’ve prepared them as best I can and I’ll continue to get them ready. These Common Core tests are bears for some kids, mine are struggling. One day, we will have a reasonable test. I liked what we had in 1997 but for some reasons politicians always have to change things.
You: So, any last things to add before we part?
Me: That’s about it. I asked my lovely wife for some short sleeve button downs in plain colors so I can wear some of my ties. She brought them home and I’m excited about wearing them. The kids always notice. My colleagues always wonder if they missed hearing it was an event at work. LOL. I’m usually a real laid back guy. Til next coffee, have a good one.

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