#weekendcoffeeshare 3.26.2016


Me: Last Monday I thought the week would never end, probably because it was the week before Spring Break. Thursday was an early-out day and no school Friday. That makes 10 days off for this weary teacher. I sure need it.
You: Is that right? Well lucky you. Do you have any plans?
Me: I saw David Gilmour play at the Hollywood Bowl Thursday night. Amazing music. We’ll spend Easter at my folks’ house. it will be fun because the kids will have their cousins there. I can grab one of my dad’s guitars and sit in the backyard bench swing while the kids swim. Other than that, I have chore type plans to straighten up the garage so my wife can park in it again and bring the pool here back to a swimming state. As is usual with me, I look forward to watching a bunch of movies and reviewing them here on my site.
You: That sounds great.
Me: Yeah, I’ll be thinking of a romantic date with the wife, we are due for one of those. Also, in the week I will do some lesson planning. Now that the big stakes test is close, I need to start reining in as we coast to the Summer.
You: Cool.

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