#WeekendCoffeeShare: 3/20/2016 – Riley Central

I found myself at a far away Starbucks yesterday after a scattered, abruptly woken up morning. I had to rush an ID to a loved one who had forgotten it to take a high stakes professional test. As I entered the Riverside Starbucks, I saw people talking and laughing and enjoying as denizens there must do. I felt captivated. My texting all alone in a corner and posting to my blog seemed antisocial and I felt like I was missing out on a greater thing that these people do far away from where I live. With that, I begin the meme.

Me: Hi there! How’s your coffee? Mine is grand. Let me tell you about the posts of my week.
You: Awesome dude! Let em rip!
Me: Egg Test, A brief response to the SoCS meme I try to do every Saturday. It includes a short video this week. Blinking for Dollars, A response to the humorous Mama Kat post about Snipe hunting. The topic I chose was to write about a time when I was tricked. Unknown via monalisa-mon, A quote I ran across last week that really haunted me for a couple days so I had to share it. Something about a chapter we all have that we never share. Follow Friday: Movie Reviews 101, I’m starting to do #ff on Twitter and my blog where I recognize I blog I thing y’all should know about and check out. This week it was Darren’s “Movie Reviews 101” blog. 10 Cloverfield Lane, I saw this new release and reviewed it. Light, I tried to wax poetic here. Actually, I just let it come out. This is an example of what reading y old posts can do for my inspiration. That is, when I find some decent phrases.Where are We Going?, One of my column pieces. The Final Girls, Another moview review I wrote. Covert Idea Theft, This was a response to a word meme from TDP. Not Like I SaidBreakup Artifacts, Another of my column focused pieces. This one is based on an art exhibit in which old breakup items were on display. Sub Note I got a bad sub note. She derided my students and I wrote a little about it along with a mish mash diary post about the rest of my day.
You: Looks like a post or more a day, wow. So do you have a blogging schedule you follow through the week?
Me: Yeah. It always mutates, which I think is good, but here it is nowadays: MON movie review, TUE tumblr share, WED: Column, THU: Mama Kat, FRI: #ff Twitter post/embed on Blog, SAT: SoCS, SUN: #WeekendCoffeeShare
Me: Don’t let me put words in your mouth, leave a comment 🙂 !!! …

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