#weekendcoffeeshare 4/16/16

Hey there cowboys and cowgirls. Sit yourself down for a coffee and I’ll tell you a little about what’s going in in my life.

Last week I was sick all week at work. I powered through and the kids were nice to me but come Friday, I still had a fever, a cough all that good stuff. Now it’s Sunday and I’m almost back to 100%.

My wife made arrangements to have all our extra furniture and items picked up by donation. Shas a gift for that. While sick, the family was forced to spend time together which was wonderful. In betweem coughing we were hugging and communicating with each other. I fee; ;ike I got to know them all better this weekend.

Also through being sick I was reminded that my perception of things is not always 100 accurate. Getting flat on my back helped me see that I am indeed a good man but more open mindedness is called for. And with that, I’d offer to get you a refill 🙂

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