#WeeklyRoundup – See What Films I Reviewed on my #Blog Last Week

I published four reviews on ‘Riley on Film’ last week. My impressions ranged from “This is a character study in evil” to “why was this made?” You’ll find the posters below. click on each one you want to read my review of. the inly one I can’t recommend is ‘Elvis and Nixon.’ Read why. The other 3 are amazing films and I recommend them.


2 Replies to “#WeeklyRoundup – See What Films I Reviewed on my #Blog Last Week”

  1. Cool. I saw Elvis & Nixon at Tribeca film festival back in early spring, and Eddie the Eagle somewhat more recently. Enjoyed both of those.

    1. Thanks! I wish I could say more I liked about Elvis & Nixon. I’m glad you liked it, never really came together for me. Just didn’t get it. Eddie and the Eagle was inspirational and fun.

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