What I Did This Summer (Slideshow)

Museum of Tolerance I wrote this post because when people ask me every year in August what I did for the Summer, I usually forget. My Summer started with an enlightening trip to the Museum of Tolerance with some of my colleagues. It really broadened my awareness of how humans have tried to exterminate entire races. If we aren’t aware it could happen again.

Working on the Backyard
 Next, we did a lot of work in the backyard on a retaining wall, a fire pit, and a pergola. This was led by my inlaws and I must confess they did the bulk of the work. My wife and son also did a lot. I watched and did a small amount. Just wanted to clarify that in case Sarah has any issues with me using the word “we.” She keeps me honest on this thing.

OC Vacation  After that we took a 5 day trip to the OC, specifically for beach days. While there we went to the OC Swap Meet, bowled at the main place mall, and dined teppan style at Benihana. We stayed at the Fairmont hotel in Newport and really enjoyed our accommodations and treatment. The pool there was awesome. Finally, we took the kids to Universal Studios.

Since then we have hung around the house. I swim every day with my kids. Julie loves it the most and never wants to get out. It’s such a great time to “check in” with my kids and see how they’re doing. Sarah had to go back to work. I’ve been really digging into Netflix and watching a lot of great movies. For me this year, restful time at home has been the most valuable. Oh, almost forgot we went to see 2 concerts: Willie Nelson at the Greek and then Imagine Dragons at the Pond in Anaheim.

All our Summer photos are in my Flickr Album.


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