Watching Whiplash, what a movie! I find it impossible but it’s cool to see a teacher say the F word and throw stuff at his students. Of course I am joking, but it really is a movie like that. That’s an example of the difference between an online diary and a secret diary.

I might not hold back in a personal one. I always wanted to keep an online diary and only until recently have I had the courage and wherewithal to do it. I think everyone should express her/himself every day. For me, it’s become this WordPress interface.

Tomorrow I drop Gizmo at the groomer, take Sarah’s car to get brakes and an oil change, and then get some granulated chlorine to start bringing the pool back in the afternoon. It’s a hootenanny minus the folk singing.

This Whiplash film is worth watching. It shows how teachers can be demanding cuss sons of bitches and how students can be green self-absorbed idiots. It’s exciting, go rent it for sure if you can.

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