Writing Prompt and Diary Entry Rolled into One Post

Writing prompt starts here:
The Daily Post asks:

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Source: Evasive Action | The Daily Post

I was late coming back from a pizza delivery and my new boos asked me what took so long. I made up a lie about how I helped some kid who had fallen and hurt himself. I claimed I too him to the ER with his mom since they had no car.

Satanic, I know.

I’ve learned through the years it’s usually easier to tell the truth. There are situations though when telling the truth, or oversharing, is not wise and can hurt you irreparably.

That’s life kiddos.

Diary entry begins now:

I have been tested and found to be a personality type that is always selling itself short when it is doing at least as well as everyone around it. It sucks being this way. This week I have been taking things easy to test that theory and I can actually see that my half-ass efort is still better than people around. Awesome. As you can probably read between the lines, I’m tired.

Thank good next weekend is a three dayer. I need that incubation time to recover rom this funk malaise I seem to have fallen in. I’m getting a massage Saturday so that should probably start the process toward awesome well. If you’re reading thise post I hope you don’t write me off as a liar. My daughter says I can tell no lie. I’m a realist though and I stand by what I said. What do you think?

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