You have to be F****ing Kidding Me

I’ve written about what scares me more this month than I remember ever doing so. The Daily Post wants me naked I guess. Still, why not start my first day of #NaBloPoMo with yet another October scare challenge. This is my first time trying it out so here goes nothing!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.” You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.


Ok, so I wake up in a bed in a strange place to an alarm. It’s going off loudly at 11am. I figure out how to turn it off in a sleepy stupor when I turn and see a Freud-like character in a chair lighting his pipe.

“Do you know why the clock was set for 11 young man?” He says, sounding just like Freud would.

“No, but do tell.” I retort.

“Well, you see you are trapped in this room on a WORKDAY and you are a NO SHOW. You’ve called in NO SUB and your boss and co-teachers have had no call warning them you’d be absent.”

“What? You have to be fu****ing kidding me.” I would feel chills like I’ve never felt. This is no doubt one of my worst fears. My hands are sweating as I type this.

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    1. You might say I have a good work ethic, or not and both could be proven 😉 Teaching in the rear view mirror will probably look different! If I may say, thank you for your service.

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