Your Name

I am not an anime fan in general but I am a love story fan. 

I was a little averse to the subtitles at first but once I started, it was easy to watch and really get into it. There are features in this film as deep as some of the most deep ones in American love stories and sci-fi. The concept draws you in immediately and if you pay attention, it starts to flow and flow and what a fun ride it is.

It uses some elements we have seen in a new way and the anime really helps to that end. I have to tell you that after about 5 minutes in, I forgot the characters were animation, they seemed real to me.

I found the two main characters charming. Again, I am not much of an anime fan. I have seen many of them but they aren’t my first choice. This would not only appeal to young lovers, like maybe those in love for the first time, but it will also rekindle those adolescent/young adult feelings in anyone who gives it a chance.

If you examine my history at IMDb or my own sites you’ll see I am not new at recommending films. Take it from me, this is an instant classic. The artwork is also way above the usually anime bar. Some of the special effects had to be done by paintbrush, or by hand however they did it. It was a feast for the eyes and the story did not suffer.

Having said all that, if you can’t give it your attention or you really have no interest to sit and watch subtitles, this probably isn’t for you.

Give this film your full attention as a love story with some sci fi elements and you will not regret it.

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  1. I’m so glad you watched this, Damien! And better yet enjoyed it. I love the gorgeous animation and all the characters. I found myself rooting for Taki and Mitsuha, especially towards the end. There was a good sense of humor to it as well. This has become one of my favorite animated films. There is a dubbed version for those who prefer it. Too bad you couldn’t find it. Great review!

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