Youth in Oregon (2016)

A movie of togetherness when a family is forced to circle around a grandpa who has a terminal diagnosis.

1h 45min | Comedy, Drama | 3 February 2017 (USA)
A man is tasked with driving his embittered 80-year-old father-in-law cross country to be legally euthanized in Oregon, while along the way helping him rediscover a reason for living.
Director: Joel David Moore
Writer: Andrew Eisen
Stars: Frank Langella, Billy Crudup, Christina Applegate

The director is known for acting the part of Dr. Spellman in Avatar. I liked the way the actors interact in this film, likely due to the director’s deft hand. I would however liked to have seen some more character development with the grandfather. What is the relationship really like before all this happens? There is some beautiful cinematography and with these actors you’re bound to have a hit.

Frank Langella appears somber in this film and rightly so I suppose. He has learned he is going to die of a weak heart unless he takes a new valve, which will likely kill him anyway. He wants to die with dignity so he is making the pilgrimage to where it’s legal to do so: Oregon. Billy Crudup is his son-in-law and he accompanies him to Oregon. The trip is bittersweet (mostly bitter) as you would imagine. I think people living through euthanasia/assisted suicide issues and/or those interested in the subject will be the biggest fans of this. For lack of character development, it suffered the loss of some points.


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